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LESSAR is an international trademark for air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration equipment. In its proposed line of equipment, LESSAR offers all the necessary climate technology to work on objects of any complexity – from a small apartment to a modern stadium with a developed infrastructure.

The equipment is manufactured on innovative assembly lines in 7 countries of the world.

In Europe the factories are located in Germany, Italy, Russia, Lithuania and Poland; in the Asian region – in South Korea and China.

Our main business partner for the production of inverter air conditioning systems is GD MIDEA AIR-CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT CO. ELECTRIC APPLIANCES – the number one company in the world in the segment of large household appliances (Euromonitor International Limited, Consumer Appliances, Edition 2018).

Thanks to successful cooperation with the world leader, the LESSAR equipment range is distinguished by unique parameters characterizing the brand as a high-tech.

Split systems LESSAR – are the embodiment of innovative technologies, top models are able to work in cooling mode in the range of outdoor temperatures from – 43 ° C to + 50 ° C, have the ability to Wi-Fi control, as well as record-breaking energy efficiency.

About LESSAR brand

The reflection of the LESSAR philosophy trademark is its logo, representing a graphic interpretation of half-bent palms of human hands, creating the image of a specially-caring man-made comfort.

Dark gray color of the logo is associated with machinery and technological climate equipment.

Green color is a symbol of nature and life.

LESSAR equipment manufacturing standards

  • Application of the most advanced technologies of the climatic industry.
  • Usage of components from the world leaders of the climatic industry.
  • Total assembly quality control and multiple tests of systems in order to adapt them to specific climate markets.
  • Implementing professional integrated solutions in the field of air conditioning, ventilation and cooling supply (HVAC), having all equipment to work on objects of any complexity.

Description of split systems that are purchased

Split-system Inverto – is a comfort class inverter air conditioner, designed specifically for connoisseurs of laconic design and energy-saving technologies. A design of the indoor unit in the Actual style allows you to introduce the air conditioner in a living room or bedroom, without overloading the interior. Inverto is an affordable variable performance air conditioner.

Main advantages

  • Energy efficiency class A.

Split systems comply with the energy efficiency regulations of the European Directive called ERP (Energy Related Products).

  • “Follow me” and “Self-cleaning” functions. Follow me – changes the mode of operation, providing a comfortable temperature in accordance with the value of the temperature sensor built into the remote control.
  • Dual Auto swing – a function that allows you to control the air flow through vertical and horizontal louvers with 5-7 fixed positions and a smooth swing, ensuring uniform distribution of air in the premises.
  • Super Slim visual effect. Thanks to a specially designed housing design, the air conditioner looks much thinner than a conventional air conditioner.
  • Japanese technology DC inverter compressor. Allows saving up to 50% of the electric power in comparison with conditioners of constant productivity.
  • Unique replacement filters (optional). Provide effective air purification to create a comfortable microclimate.
  • Projection LED display. If desired, it can be turned off by simply pressing the LED button on the Intellect remote control.
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